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Holistic Coaching

by Laura Sabina – Coach, Writer & Poetess

Words are my salvation

I was four years old when I was first able to put my life’s most essential cornerstones down in writing: Mama, Papa, Laura. Written in capital letters and with an inverted R, they laid the ground for a magnitude of stories that would accompany my loneliest childhood days and follow me into late adolescence.

To this day, I see poetry as the language of human emotion. As a Coach, I use the teachings of creative writing as a tool for self-reflection and connection to the world within. My intention is to unlock the innate power and wisdom for self-healing you already hold within you.

A Collection of Confessional Poetry


My first work, some kind of miracle, is a collection of confessional poetry about a journey of self-discovery. It contains 23 poems divided into 4 chapters, each chapter representing one aspect of the same story. It is a story about an almost-love, about the messiness of a life lived in the in-betweens and its most powerful lessons. It also is an homage to all the poets and artists that have inspired me along the way.

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